Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fann ar~~

haiz. i wish i never grow up. Why grow up dy have so many things to be concern? Why ar? why ar??
Y need to take up responsibilities? :(


ok. bye.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My holidays~

yo~ I took two days leaves (Monday and Tuesday).
Just for fun~..

Monday.. was too boring, I asked my lil sister to be my model...
I tried my make up skills on her!!!!


this is before any make up

this is after foundation and concealer (y like no difference?) behave. got ok.

and.. TADAAAA.....

the outcome~~

as you can see, both eyes don't looks same right? Of coz laaaaaaaaaa....
different eye shadows colour....... different eyeliner colour... different skills......

i personally prefer the left eye.

or maybe just her left face nicer than the right wan........... wakakakakakak

and she got emo suddenly...

like.. very the E.M.O.

Okay.. bye.. Tuesday post will come up soon~ :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011


long time never go to Penang already!!!
Miss the food there so much ! So, planned with bf and went there last weekend :)


this is our hotel room's view!

the inside

Two beds.. one for his cousin sis+bro-in-law, and another one for me and him~

We departed early in the morning, as early as 6.30pm! We had our breakfast at Ipoh.
Had Ipoh Chee cheung funn. Nice!!

Then ard 12pm, we reached Penang. Unload our luggages and we off to had our LUNCH.
WE had Chau kuey teow, Pork Porridge and Rojak buah! Nice nice nice~
After that we went to eat Penang Teochew Cendol! very nice also!

at night we went to Bali Hai~ ya.. Bali Hai.. sounds weird.. wahhahhahahaa
but the seafood is NICE~!!!!

After dinner, we went to Hard Rock Cafe to chills~~~

The next morning, we had breakfast in the Hotel cafe~

Then afternoon, after packed, we went to eat Asam Laksa!!!!!
This asam laksa really very very very nice!!!! the broth and the mee..................... omg. i miss this asam laksa :(

after that we went to Temple...(shit.. i forgot what this place called)..............

this is a "wish-a thing" thingy.. i bought one piece and hang it there :)

well, when we left Penang, it rains... :) :( like heavy long rain... some places got flood, but thank god it was not very serious..

till here then~

I enjoyed my Penang-makan-trip, although I missed out curry mee, hokkien mee and etc.

Goodnite :)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

yo yo yo~

omg. long time never blog already.

i want to complain i want to complain i want to complaint!!!!
i dont like my jobs! wrong.. i dont like the "handler"
i dont like the... workloads...
i dislikes some people.................................................
i...................... dont like staying for OT~ T.T

hm... people said 7 nin zhi yeung.
we're in the 8 years now i think. omg. 8 years....... T.T

ok. bye.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

still the same "Inconsiderate people"

really behtahan her already.
never met such thick skin people!!!!!!!!

okay. me and my L colleagues bought 2 packets of asam to eat during "sleepy hours" in office.
we unpacked it and fill up a container.
1st day.
She saw and asked to have some. FINE. we should share foods right? especially among colleagues.
SO, she took some and fill up her small container.

2nd day.
Sh rolled her chair over and asked for the asam again. She took one and rolled back to her place. after like 5 mins, she rolled again, and this time took the whole container.. and rolled back to her place. I watched her eat one by one by one by one~!!!!

okay fine. i shouldnt be selfish right?

3rd day...4th day... following days...
She never failed rolled her chair/ walked over to my place and take the asam container and put on her table. Then again, eat one by one by one by one.

until today... the full container left only one layer of asam.. which means., less than 10 biji!!!!!!!!!!!!!

me, L and even A also teased her for keep on taking the asam, treating like her own..
we even said that she should pay for it...
but she just brushed us off by "hahahhaha... i makan sikit sajer ma..." "mana ada~" "hahahah.. bagi balik lorr"


why on earth got such THICK-skin people ar??????????

its not that i sselfish or wat, but seriously, i bought the asam for rm5.++ but i just got to eat like.... 5% of it oni
ok.. maybe 10%.. and she has eaten 90% of it!!!!!!!!!!!!

i thought she very rich??? she commented my H colleague for driving only kancil.
she commented why we want to play badminton, which is a very usual, and normal + boring games. She prefer skuash. BUT she don't even own a skuash racquet!~! and don't even know how to play.

boosting about want to buy car, and not local malaysia-made car.
but ended up, saying very busy to survey wat kind of car to buy.
I said i might buy Myvi and i want it red colour, she said it looks like TAXI.

FHL seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no.. not only me behtahan her. my colleagues as well.
really.............. speechless towards her.

she was late today, but holding MCD breakfast. and then still rolled her chair over and eat her MCD, somemore asked my L colleague to eat with her. (Cz L also bought MCD breakfast, but not eating cz was busy).

Can anyone tell her to shut up and stay at her own place instead of roll here and there?!

she is damn irrating and annoying!!!!

and today i was talking to W, I WAS TALKING TO W and she suddenly step into our conversation saying "You already said this many times la~~~~~".. n i was like "I wasn't talking to you". why she wanna interrupt? and somemore said that DAMN LOUD.

damn F her life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

she said that loud and like damn loud. ok. her voice normally oso damn loud. she has no manners at all la.

and guess what? On Monday, becz of her rolling habit, she accidentally kicked her CPU and there goes her CPU. SPOILED!!!!!!!!!!
WAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA... (damn served her right??)

her files all no backup. yeah, maybe whoever reading this feel that i'm black hearted. but honestly, i really feel that served her.

i actually feel very happy to see her worried about her files. who asked her like to rolled her and there.. talks loud loud.. and no manners.


ok.. anyway, she is abit pity. but i wont pity her.


Monday, March 14, 2011

Inconsiderate people.

so.. this girl.. is very inconsiderate.

she sick like for two weeks already.... coughing her own business and didnt bother to see doctor at first. Finally, today i saw her taking medicine.

why would i complained that she is inconsiderate?
today, we were having farewell for one of the colleague who is leaving our team and joining other team (but still same company). So, she is sitting beside me. I've ordered sambal squid and she ordered her lemongrass chicken. My squid was served first and she looked tempted to try it. Of cz, i let her to try to show my good manner. She tried it using her spoon which she just started to use.
Well, then her lemongrass chicken was served. She didnt tempted by her lemongrass chicken, but still want to take my sambal squid. Okay. Is not that Im SELFISH to share my food with people, but, she is SICK. i mean, she cough, and flu. I don't want to get infected! SHE JUST DIP HER SPOON IN MY SAMBAL SQUID AND TAKE MY SQUID AND SAMBAL while saying "I take some ya.. u dont mind rite?"

Then i really cannot take it anymore i told her " pls, dont take using ur spoon. if you wan i will take and put in ur plate. I don't want to be sick" and i was saying it using jokingly-tone to make her feel better. but do you know what she replied? she said "IF you sick also because your antibody weak, not my problem" WAD THE F*ck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i really cannot tahan her today! she pissed me off totally!!!!
and i feel that she very annoying!!! she throw the cut-cake knife to the two birthday girl and said "nah~ take the knife as souvenier/memory of your birthday~"

both birthday girls also dunno how to react or answer her, so they just smile....

i tried to ignore her today... cz i really pissed by her attitude!
no wonder previously no one want to join her. but after me and HM joined the team, she tried to join us for lunch... until today. I dont know she is naive about her attitude or she is just annoying!


she has been pissing off alot of people since last week. She was changed since she know G going to change team. Maybe she felt that she should move on instead of staying in this team or in this company. You know what she said to our senior last week when the senior wanted to brief about the task? She said "talk straight to the point la~"

i really speechless towards her.


May God bless Japan. heart-broken to look at those video and photos.

May they have the strong strength to go through all this.

Bless them.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Broga Hills~~

went to Broga Hills with him and colleagues..(in fact i asked him to accompany me).
Luckily he went, or else i might i also dunno wat to say..
was damn energetic in the morning, eaten one bun.
happily we went up the hills until not even half way i thought of giving up. why?
damn it~ it was so dark that i hardly see the road in front. to add the obstacle, i brought along my sling beg (contained my bottle, my purse, my handphone, car keys, towel, tissues.. and some paper rubbish).

the 1st check point (erm.. i think not even a check point, its jz .. a place to rest)

kindly realise that there is a pair of shoes hanging on the branch. actually, not a pair, but alot of pairs.. just that i didnt take the photo. weird lor those people. hang their shoes there, thn walk down with barefoot =.=''''

i think this is the 1st check point.

me, him, my colleague and my colleague's wife (he is the cameraman)

alot of people taking photos up there, mostly scenery... with their big nikon/canon/watever brand size camera. those professional camera la~
not until i realised someone snapped us~!!

guess, we looked clumsy or "funny" thats y the man holding the camera decided to take a snap of us =.='''

it was a great experience. I climb (walk up actually) the Broga hills. I vomitted half way. Vomitted again up there like 3 times.

and as a result, my face below. =.='''

and he still can look happily and ..good-looking (wakakakakak)
his stamina is alot better than me. (this is a must la.. bye)


till then.


Sunday, January 23, 2011


went MIA for quite a long time.
was just to busy to blog.. most important, im LAZY
why today i have the time and "hardworking" to blog?
aih~ becz im stucked at home!
i got this rashes on my waist and my leg and some other part of my body.
and they are damn ITCHY!
so i have to stay at home to let my body cure 1st.
besides, he went for his colleague's wedding dinner.

well... i have dyed my hair just now, with the help of my bro.
wanted to go shopping but think of my body, i dont dare to try any shirt out there to worsen my condition. :(

went to Seremban today to visit my grandma. she become.. older dy.. (thats normal, people grown up and get old)

damn ithcy!! need to rest dy


Sunday, November 14, 2010


was alone with him in the kitchen after dinner..
other people were outside praying (a mi tuo fuo) for his's grandma.
His grandma is not feeling after the fell down one month ago. She is 90 years old plus dy.
They are praying for her to feel better and to leave peacefully. dun ask. dun know.

so.. he was chatting with me with his back facing me about something which i forgot already.
and all of sudden~!!! BLACKOUT pls!! it was raining and it was so dark i hardly see anything in the dark. so, my 1st reaction was, pull him closer to me. I mean, i pulled his shirt to make him closer to me. and his reaction was "ui ui~ dun pull eh... hard to breathe dy!!"

wat the~! thn i change my style, from pulling his shirt to holding tight his waist.
and~ his reaction was "wey~ dun hold so tight, i want to vomit dy, i just finished eat eh~"

wat the~!!!!!!!! i very disappointed with him!!!!!

but yet i still hold him very tight cz very dark pls.
thn he took my hp and on the light and we both walked to the living room whr other ppl gathered.

not long after that, the electric is back. and he come over to talk to me, but i IGNORED him!
why? cz who asked him when i need him, he gave me such reaction!!!!

bedebah!!!! and he somemore can laughed and asked me dont angry and no next time!
so he means blackout will happen again la now?

wat the


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Power supply

Planned to reach office earlier so that can process more cases. Yes, i reached at 8am, which usually should be 8.30am. Happily walked to my place and switched on my computer as usual. After several seconds, my monitor still black. No "windows" word.. Not again!!! (not 1st time dy.. stupid extension got problem i think). So, like wat i did last time, i hit the extension with my palm, adjust the monitor's cable...and then suddenly Asilah (my colleague) from behind said "ei faye, no power supply la"


behave ar~! why no power supply wan?????

In fact, my row, and the two rows behind me, and my team leader's computer have no power supply! eh, but the lights are still on, but no air-cond la.

then, my TL asked us to go to the other building (another team) to process cases. =.='''

okay, the story of no power supply started like this.....

Once upon a time (yesterday night), a girl from HK team, tried to moved her CPU to another place, and a cable was stopping her from moving her CPU. Therefore, she keep pulled the cable and a cleaner was too kind to help by pulling the cable TOO HARD until the cable break pls!
and the consequence is no power supply to our side!!!!!! cis~

but luckily the power supply is up before lunch time. unfortunately they turn off the power supply twice in the afternoon. and no AIR-cond the whole afternoon!~ so stuffy and hot!

okay, pls dont repeat this tomorrow.